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Summertime Babies!

August 3

Summertime (2008) Babies!

August 3

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Well I had my first ultrasound today- It was as amazing as everyone said it would be. My baby( so cool to say that) was kicking its legs in the air and twisting and turning and doing somersaults. It looks like a little baby and was curling his or her hands in and laying on his/ her belly. My mom was amazed. She has seen ultrsound pictures before but never saw the baby moving inside like that. It was a wonderful day. Our due date is now August 3rd, so not as early or as late as previously thought. I am awestruck my the little miracle growing inside me.
  • Oh, how wonderful for you! I'm so happy you had a chance to wave at the baby! Did they give you an idea of the heartbeat?

    And we're now due on the same date!
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