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Summertime Babies!


Summertime (2008) Babies!


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1. How far along are you? - 14weeks 3 days

2. What symptoms are you experiencing? - still a little green some days,weird twinges above my pubic bone(baby?), gowing girth!
3. Any appointments this past week and how did they go? -last appointment I had was my ultrasound a week ago Monday- where we got the everything looks good!
4. Any appointments coming up? - Doctors appointment on Monday where she will make appoinmtment for my next ultrasound- will ask for a referal to an obgyn.
5. Anything big happening in your personal life? - Just trying to get through the work week as I am simply exhausted from lack of sleep. Thinking about whether to move out of our apartment to a bigger place.

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations? I am constantly wondering if I am too big already as even now some maternity clothes don't fit and I am only 3 and a half months. Disliking the stage where I look fat but not pregnant yet.
Current Mood: tired and a little green
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