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Summertime Babies!

Monday Update!

Summertime (2008) Babies!

Monday Update!

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pregnant ass-kicking
1. How far along are you? 18w3d

2. What symptoms are you experiencing? Not a lot. Got some congestion, and I seem to have a harder time dealing with bugs (like cold and flu, not ants and spiders), but that's about it.

3. Any appointments this past week and how did they go? Not a thing. I'm keeping tabs on my progress on my own now. I'm tired of relying on someone else to do it for me. I'll be taking a fair amount of notes from my charts with my midwife at the next appointment.

4. Any appointments coming up? Thursday - just a general "come in! Pee on stick, what's it say? BP check! Ooh, you're big! You know fat=dangerous! Here are the things I will scare you about now. Any questions? Okay, bye!" type of thing. I'm hoping to break out the fetoscope in there somewhere.

5. Anything big happening in your personal life? Hm. Not to me personally. I'm doing a lot of work-sleep-work-sleep, which I hate, but otherwise... Just the usual. A friend of mine might be miscarrying, though, which certainly has an effect on my life!

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations? I started feeling the baby moving on Valentine's day. It's very odd, particularly since nobody mentions when it should start being a "regular" feeling - like there are days I won't feel anything most of the day, then there are pats at night... and there are days where the baby is flailing around all day, and nothing at night. Hard to tell what's the normal, and I'm sure it changes based on which way the baby's facing at any point in time. I'd also like to say I'm highly disappointed in the one ultrasound I did consent to. DH was "allowed" to watch the screen while the tech took measurements. I didn't get to see the baby until after it was all done, and they wanted to hurry us along. Not that I object to the short scan, I just would have liked to see all of it, rather than a 30 second view after the ten minute scan. Disappointing. No real questions at this point, though apparently a TON of people think I'm having a boy. DH thinks it's a girl. I think I've put a block on what sex I think the baby is - either out of a desire to avoid being wrong, or a desire to truly be surprised. ^_^
  • where do you feel the baby? as in where in your belly?lol I have weird twinges in my very low abdomen and I am wondering if thats the baby or something else.
    • I'm feeling the baby in all sorts of places now. For a while, it was all low - like odd pressures or pets. Then it went into feeling like "scratches" - like at a scratching post, but with no nails. Uncomfortable, but not painful, and usually very low. Recently it's been back to the pressures again, higher than they were, but still below the belly button.
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