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Summertime Babies!

Monday Update!

Summertime (2008) Babies!

Monday Update!

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pregnant ass-kicking
How many weeks are you? 20w3d - halfway done already! Wow.

How are you feeling? I'm tired and uncomfortable more often than not, and I'm starting to get to the point where I feel unwieldy. Tying shoes requires a leg-up, and getting up from sitting/lying down requires an extra minute or two to make sure my legs don't fall off at the hips.

Any medical appointments, how did they go? Nothing for a while!

Any medical appointments coming up? Next midwife appointment is 3/25.

Anything new happening? The baby is rolling, and dancing when other babies are around. I'm also moving on to the next stage of making milk! I don't have clear fluid anymore, now it's just murky. Belly has grown again, and it looks like a shelf at the bottom, with an almost pointy top!

Questions? Not really. I'm trying to sort out what blood type DH is, so that we can figure out what's going on with the baby. I've been living rH factors, dominant and recessive alleles and punnit squares for the last week. In the meantime, I just wait and see what my blood draw tells me!
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