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Summertime Babies!

"Weekly" Update

Summertime (2008) Babies!

"Weekly" Update

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pregnant ass-kicking
Yeah, it's not really weekly anymore, but hey. ^_^

How many weeks are you? 23w3d
How are you feeling? Overall, pretty good. I'm still fighting an aversion to water, but I'm not sick or anything, so I'm glad. I'm tired all the time, and my hips are starting to ache. That could just be the weather, though, as we're starting to try to switch from winter to spring - FINALLY!
Any medical appointments, how did they go? Had one a week ago, and I'm still sporting the bruise from the blood draw. I'm measuring at 27 weeks (they, for whatever ungodly reason, think I'm 22w1d) so I got a nice chat on the GD test. Right now, I'm just going to give them a diet "history" (they want three random days in the next month, everything I eat all day), then if they're still concerned, I'll check my blood sugars at home for a while. Once that's done, it'll probably be June, and at that point, I'm not worrying about testing for GD anymore, as I've got too much else on my plate.
Any medical appointments coming up? Not until April 23.
Anything new happening? (work, family, moving, etc) It's suddenly hit me just exactly how busy I'm about to get. DH is graduating college at the end of April. I'll be going to Ottawa on business the week before that. Then two weeks after his final exams, we're going to Chicago for baby shower and visiting and stuff. Then we get back just in time for DH to start a new job (we hope!)... in a new city, an hour and a half away. Which, of course, means moving. So DH will move to this new city into a townhome with a friend of ours. This, naturally, is a whole other debacle as I get to figure out how to make this actually happen, and how to apply to rent the townhouse, and getting him (and the four cats!) packed up and moved, learning how to cope on my own for a month, and then my moving in with him in July when I start my vacation. I have three weeks vacation prior to my maternity leave, and I'm going to be using that time to get out of town. Then end of July / beginning of August, the baby comes, and then we start the business of getting a passport so the baby can visit Gramma and Grandpa... I think I may be in WELL over my head here. We're about to find out. XD
Questions? A couple, I guess.
I'm wondering if anyone else is having sore hips, or if this is likely just the weather.
I'm wondering if anyone else has issues drinking water.
And, for the trifecta:
I'm wondering if anyone else has lulls in the times they can feel the baby moving (I can feel little bursts of activity throughout the day, but nothing consistent).
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