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"Weekly" Update

Yeah, it's not really weekly anymore, but hey. ^_^

How many weeks are you? 23w3d
How are you feeling? Overall, pretty good. I'm still fighting an aversion to water, but I'm not sick or anything, so I'm glad. I'm tired all the time, and my hips are starting to ache. That could just be the weather, though, as we're starting to try to switch from winter to spring - FINALLY!
Any medical appointments, how did they go? Had one a week ago, and I'm still sporting the bruise from the blood draw. I'm measuring at 27 weeks (they, for whatever ungodly reason, think I'm 22w1d) so I got a nice chat on the GD test. Right now, I'm just going to give them a diet "history" (they want three random days in the next month, everything I eat all day), then if they're still concerned, I'll check my blood sugars at home for a while. Once that's done, it'll probably be June, and at that point, I'm not worrying about testing for GD anymore, as I've got too much else on my plate.
Any medical appointments coming up? Not until April 23.
Anything new happening? (work, family, moving, etc) It's suddenly hit me just exactly how busy I'm about to get. DH is graduating college at the end of April. I'll be going to Ottawa on business the week before that. Then two weeks after his final exams, we're going to Chicago for baby shower and visiting and stuff. Then we get back just in time for DH to start a new job (we hope!)... in a new city, an hour and a half away. Which, of course, means moving. So DH will move to this new city into a townhome with a friend of ours. This, naturally, is a whole other debacle as I get to figure out how to make this actually happen, and how to apply to rent the townhouse, and getting him (and the four cats!) packed up and moved, learning how to cope on my own for a month, and then my moving in with him in July when I start my vacation. I have three weeks vacation prior to my maternity leave, and I'm going to be using that time to get out of town. Then end of July / beginning of August, the baby comes, and then we start the business of getting a passport so the baby can visit Gramma and Grandpa... I think I may be in WELL over my head here. We're about to find out. XD
Questions? A couple, I guess.
I'm wondering if anyone else is having sore hips, or if this is likely just the weather.
I'm wondering if anyone else has issues drinking water.
And, for the trifecta:
I'm wondering if anyone else has lulls in the times they can feel the baby moving (I can feel little bursts of activity throughout the day, but nothing consistent).
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(no subject)

Who are you? My name is Ally, I'm 22
Where are you from? Sacramento, CA
Are you married, partnered, dating? married for a year and some change to Grant :)
Any other kids? nope. :)
How are you feeling? good. just hit 20 weeks so I am happy to be halfway
Roughly when is baby due? August 10 - 5 days before my 23rd birthday
Questions, comments, observations? No - I am a pretty active blogger so you will hear when I have a ??? :)
Pictures to share? My first ultrasound of our peanut. Doing our anatomy scan April 2! :)
pregnant ass-kicking

Monday Update!

How many weeks are you? 20w3d - halfway done already! Wow.

How are you feeling? I'm tired and uncomfortable more often than not, and I'm starting to get to the point where I feel unwieldy. Tying shoes requires a leg-up, and getting up from sitting/lying down requires an extra minute or two to make sure my legs don't fall off at the hips.

Any medical appointments, how did they go? Nothing for a while!

Any medical appointments coming up? Next midwife appointment is 3/25.

Anything new happening? The baby is rolling, and dancing when other babies are around. I'm also moving on to the next stage of making milk! I don't have clear fluid anymore, now it's just murky. Belly has grown again, and it looks like a shelf at the bottom, with an almost pointy top!

Questions? Not really. I'm trying to sort out what blood type DH is, so that we can figure out what's going on with the baby. I've been living rH factors, dominant and recessive alleles and punnit squares for the last week. In the meantime, I just wait and see what my blood draw tells me!
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Monday Update!

1. How far along are you? 18w3d

2. What symptoms are you experiencing? Not a lot. Got some congestion, and I seem to have a harder time dealing with bugs (like cold and flu, not ants and spiders), but that's about it.

3. Any appointments this past week and how did they go? Not a thing. I'm keeping tabs on my progress on my own now. I'm tired of relying on someone else to do it for me. I'll be taking a fair amount of notes from my charts with my midwife at the next appointment.

4. Any appointments coming up? Thursday - just a general "come in! Pee on stick, what's it say? BP check! Ooh, you're big! You know fat=dangerous! Here are the things I will scare you about now. Any questions? Okay, bye!" type of thing. I'm hoping to break out the fetoscope in there somewhere.

5. Anything big happening in your personal life? Hm. Not to me personally. I'm doing a lot of work-sleep-work-sleep, which I hate, but otherwise... Just the usual. A friend of mine might be miscarrying, though, which certainly has an effect on my life!

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations? I started feeling the baby moving on Valentine's day. It's very odd, particularly since nobody mentions when it should start being a "regular" feeling - like there are days I won't feel anything most of the day, then there are pats at night... and there are days where the baby is flailing around all day, and nothing at night. Hard to tell what's the normal, and I'm sure it changes based on which way the baby's facing at any point in time. I'd also like to say I'm highly disappointed in the one ultrasound I did consent to. DH was "allowed" to watch the screen while the tech took measurements. I didn't get to see the baby until after it was all done, and they wanted to hurry us along. Not that I object to the short scan, I just would have liked to see all of it, rather than a 30 second view after the ten minute scan. Disappointing. No real questions at this point, though apparently a TON of people think I'm having a boy. DH thinks it's a girl. I think I've put a block on what sex I think the baby is - either out of a desire to avoid being wrong, or a desire to truly be surprised. ^_^
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new due date

so I finally went for an apt in january and the ob said that my new due date is now Aug.3rd...

and I have a pic of the baby ^_^

lately I've been having a problem trying to sleep on my sides... I usually sleep on my back now I wake up every two hours or so and switch sides only to get up in the morning and be in pain on my hurts quite a bit near the joint....=(

anyone else having such problem?
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Weekly stuffs!

How many weeks are you? 16w3d

How are you feeling? Tired. And suddenly starving. Last week it was a fight to eat anything - hell, yesterday it was a fight - and this week, I'm suddenly starving and nothing will hold off the hunger-beasties!

Any medical appointments, how did they go? Nope. Not that I couldn't just do this at home anyway.

Any medical appointments coming up? Nothing until 2/28.

Anything new happening? I'm starting to feel plinks from the inside - it's kinda cool, actually. And while not new... I'm still losing weight like mad.

Questions? Anybody else still losing? I'm down over 15# at this point, and that's just what the scale shows (as in, not counting how much weight is added for baby, blood, ZOMG BOOBS, and everything else). It's not showing any signs of stopping, either.
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1. How far along are you? - 14weeks 3 days

2. What symptoms are you experiencing? - still a little green some days,weird twinges above my pubic bone(baby?), gowing girth!
3. Any appointments this past week and how did they go? -last appointment I had was my ultrasound a week ago Monday- where we got the everything looks good!
4. Any appointments coming up? - Doctors appointment on Monday where she will make appoinmtment for my next ultrasound- will ask for a referal to an obgyn.
5. Anything big happening in your personal life? - Just trying to get through the work week as I am simply exhausted from lack of sleep. Thinking about whether to move out of our apartment to a bigger place.

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations? I am constantly wondering if I am too big already as even now some maternity clothes don't fit and I am only 3 and a half months. Disliking the stage where I look fat but not pregnant yet.
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1. How far along are you? - 15w3d

2. What symptoms are you experiencing? - Massive congestion, and occasional tummy flutters that I try to convince myself are the baby. The last few days, it's been a LOT of exhaustion as well.

3. Any appointments this past week and how did they go? - I had an appointment with the midwife a week ago tomorrow where I got the Fat Chat, drilled about GD and my choice with respect to RhoGam, and had my uterus palpated by three different midwives. It was decided that while I should be measuring about midway between pubic bone and navel, I'm measuring roughly AT the navel. An "Urgent, non-emergency" ultrasound was scheduled. As my mother is a twin, and her mother gave birth to two sets of twins... I went with it, despite reservations. That was today, and there is only one very wiggly baby in there. Plus, as I've been saying the baby is about 15 weeks gestation. Nobody listens to me - I'm just the charting fool who knows when she conceived. 9.9;;

4. Any appointments coming up? - Not until the end of the month, unless something came up very wrong in the scan.

5. Anything big happening in your personal life? - So far, not a lot. There is work stress, as usual, and I'm trying to ignore it before it spikes my blood pressure. It's all pretty normal. We have a family party thing on the weekend, which we drive an hour and a half to get to and then again to get home from, but that's about all I've got.

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations? I had a day of feeling like the end of a swimming pool - swish, thump, flutter away... But haven't felt anything since then. But, I haven't been bored and sitting still since then either, so no surprise. At this point, I'm just happy to have ONE "big" baby, no matter how high up I may carry. I think twins at this point... might just freak me out. Also worth noting, I've got a head cold on top of the pregnancy congestion. This? Not so much fun.
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(no subject)

So yesterday we went for our second ultrasound. We had to wait FOREVER to get in there.Anyway baby foo foo but have gotten bored waiting because he/she was not even remotely as active as last time. I was a little disappointed I wanted baby to move around a bit so daddy could see. They said that everything looked fine, all limbs there. They could see different organs(I couldn't) and they said the blood work shows I have the eggs of a 15 year old! a 1 in 10,000 chance of problems. I felt a wave of relief and am so happy! We go back in about 8 weeks for another ultrasound. Maybe its the calm after the worry but I feel a little depressed today- don't know why. Just do.